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Founded in the year 1985, SWEN has developed a presence within the entertainment industry by distributing a diverse array of entertainment products across multiple genres and media formats.  SWEN originates from the four points of a compass:  North, South, East and West.  

SWEN is a full service independent entertainment group of companies that provides:

  • Distribution

  • Production

  • Licensing

  • Marketing,

  • Live events, shows and film financing services throughout Latin America and the U.S.







Attends film and television markets events around the world.  While we continue to build and strengthen our existing relationships, we strategically develop new relationships with Hollywood film makers and sales agents.  These relationships allow us to build upon our previous successes but in addition to have a greater market presence through the acquisition of new products in multiple formats for distribution in the Latin American market.   In addition to our  offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, SWEN Entertainment has representatives strategically located  throughout Latin America, including Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Lima.  These locations help  our company to strengthen our alliances  with the local markets.



A full service distribution and licensing company, SWEN also provides licensing and merchandising services as an add-on for the distributed programs.

Swen Group owns the Mixed Martial Arts brand name "Naja."   Products under the brand name also include:

  • Cosmetics

  • Clothing line

  • Bags

  • School supplies

  • Fitness academies

A complete list of licensed products can be found at:



Recently, SWEN Group saw the opportunity to create a division that offers film financing.  This allows us to be one of the few companies that can be a one stop shopping experience for our clients.



Swen Comunications is an advertising agency that creates and produces commercials. The secondary function is to negotiate advertising space in all media throughout Brazil.



SWEN produces international feature films and has several new films in development and will continue to offer unique and first-rate production services to international producers. 

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